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Frequently Asked Questions


Synergy Rewards is an easy, simple and reliable Loyalty Scheme that is now replacing Club Synergy.

We value your loyalty and we will continue to reward you!


How do I join Synergy Rewards?  

There is no need to register. Everyone who places an order of any size on www.synergysalonsupplies.com will earn points.


When will I start earning Synergy Rewards?

You will start earning Synergy Reward points from the 1st of September 2023.


How are Synergy Rewards points earned?

Points are earned on every order. We will also be running promotions throughout the year where you can be rewarded with additional points, i.e Double Points so keep an eye out!


Is there a minimum spend to receive points?

No! There is no minimum spend on earning points, every order is valuable!


Do I earn points in-store?

No. Synergy Rewards is for online orders only. However we do offer in-store discount vouchers for those visiting us in our Perth or Aberdeen branches.


What happens to my current points with Club Synergy?  

If you have a points balance on the Club Synergy system, they will be transferred to Synergy Rewards. You will not lose points in the changeover.


Where can I spend points?  

You can spend points online on all Products, excluding Furniture. 


I don't have enough points to pay for the whole order, can I pay the balance with £s? 

Yes! Synergy Rewards allows part payment. If you don't have enough points to cover your order, you can pay the rest as normal at checkout.


Where can I see my points? 

You can view how many Synergy Rewards points you have on your Account, or at checkout.


When will new points appear on my account? 

Your points balance will be updated immediately after placing your order.


Will my points expire?  

Yes, but your Points will only expire on the 1st Jan each year if you have not placed an order with us in the previous calendar year or not spent any reward points in the last year. They will then be set back to 0. 


Will my Points pay for the VAT part of the order as well?  

Yes, the VAT part of your order will be covered by your points. Anything left to pay will have VAT charged.


Will my points be used for delivery charges as well? 

No, delivery charge will not be covered by your points. If your order after points deduction is less than £100, you will then be required to pay delivery.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.