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Mad Beauty Scottish Hand Sanitizer - Dog

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Mad Beauty Scottish Inspired Hand Sanitizer -

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This Mad Beauty Hand Sanitizer is the perfect product if you want to maintain good hygiene in the most effortless way. Unlike the usual sanitizing gels, this hand sanitizing sprays offer one-hand usage – allowing you to cleanse your hand swiftly when in hurry. Hand cleanser by Mad Beauty is a smart alternative to disinfecting soaps and is clinically tested to kill the most common types of germs and bacteria. This compact hand sanitizing spray can be carried easily in pocket, handbag, travel bag, or kept in the office drawer. The Scottish sanitizing spray comes in three different fragrances, leaving your hands feeling clean and smelling nice no matter how busy your day gets!

Get Rid of Invisible Germs with this Sanitizing Spray

Invisible germs and bacteria are as harmful as the visible dirt and grime. But you cannot carry a soap and water everywhere you go. This simplified solution for all your cleanliness woes that comes in a compressed size to fit the smallest available space in your bag. This sanitizer spray by Mad Beauty is laboratory tested to kill 99% of the bacteria without causing any skin irritation. They provide the required dose of hydration to your skin while leaving your hands fragrant and smelling good.

  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria
  • Handbag must have
  • 15ml
  • Available in Stag (Lemon and Mandarin Fragrance), Scottie Dog (Coconut Fragrance) and Highland Cow (Tuberose Fragrance)
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