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Tangle Teezer Original - Silver Sparkle

Product Code:TT-OR-SGW-010919
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Tangle Teezer Original Silver Sparkle Brush

Adding the tone and effects of marble to the original detangling brush, Tangle Teezer has come up with this innovatively designed Original Silver Sparkle Hair Brush. The styling hairbrush makes a gorgeous entry to your glam bag. A perfect combing brush with unique teeth design gets you tangle-free tresses in no time. The compact build allows you to carry the hair combing brush anywhere, so you can enjoy sculpted hair any time of the day.

Silver Sparkle Brush: A Must-Have to Your Fancy Hairdo Kit!

Offering much beyond than just brushing, the Comb with its two-tiered teeth design makes hairstyling an effortless experience. The short teeth of this combing brush work effectively to offer the desired definition to the messy locks. The soft bristles of the detangling comb glide through your hair with ease and speed. With this Tangle Teezer, you will no longer seek for an escape to those detangling sessions.

Defining the Unruly Strands with a Detangling Brush

Get ready with your styling arsenal to fight the frizz and flyaways! Often recommended by stylists, this  hair brush banishes tangles, knots and helps prevent breakage and damage. Leaving your tresses soft, smooth, and totally tangle-free, the hair care brush adds the desired bounce turning each day into a good hair day. After your post-poo treatment, all you need is this hair smoothening brush that would add the final finishing touch for flawless, glossier-looking tresses.

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