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Master Cutting - Perth - 21st May - 21st May - 09.45-5pm

Master Cutting - Perth - 21st May - 21st May - 09.45-5pm

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Master Cutting with Industry Icons

This one day look and learn seminar gives you the opportunity to be up close with an award winning Matrix artist who will share the inspiration behind their latest collections, as well as exposing you to what is on trend and the trend predictions for the coming seasons. The focus of this course will be on pushing the boundaries of cutting techniques and the approach taken. Upon completing this course, you will have an insight into where to find inspiration and how to predict up and coming trends.

Course timings: 09:45 – 17:00

What to bring: A smartphone or tablet

Model required: No

Educated by: An Award Winning Matrix Cutting Expert Artist (Jamie Stevens, Pall Falltrick OR Desmond Murray)

Matrix Stage 4 Courses

Stage 4 Matrix courses are the highest level of course. These seminars are designed to challenge experienced hairdressers to take their craft to the next level. With these courses you will master every skill to the highest of standards. Our Matrix experts will deliver inspiration and motivation to expand your creative skill and confidence with new ideas and techniques. This course – like all Matrix courses - reinforce product knowledge and tips and tricks will be given from the Matrix Artistic team.

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